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Lancaster Avenue

21st Century Business Association

LA21 Programs & Centers

A project-based coaching and training program that provides the skills and support necessary to create fulfilling opportunities for yourself and others, wherever your starting point may be.

A business hub, meeting/event space and educational center for entrepreneurs in West Philadelphia.

A community start-up accelerator program that trains, coaches, and supports the next generation of sustainable, scalable, and replicable businesses capable of creating generational wealth.

This program arms small business owners with the financial information and resources to successfully apply for loans and capital to expand their business.

 An innovative twelve-week live/online course  intended for a selected group of emerging businesses who are considering a leasing commercial space as their next growth opportunity.

This “Pay a bill program” was created to help pay a business-related bill such as water, gas, electricity, or phone as we start the process of gradually opening the commercial corridor back during these difficult times.

Helping Small Business Owners connect to and find grants and other opportunities to help sustain their businesses.