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The Change Program

A project-based coaching and training program based on change methodology that meets you where you are and supports you to develop the knowledge, skills, and mindset to confidently move forward, empowering you to create fulfilling and financially rewarding opportunities for yourself and others.

Who We Serve

Are you “stuck” or "not ready" to begin? Our training and individual and group coaching program is especially designed for you. Based on a deep understanding of change methodology, we focus on your needs and help you get through your own resistance to change – the change you need to successfully move forward.

We invite you to check us out if you: 

  •  Need or desire to change your current situation but are not quite clear about how to go about it and just can't seem to get started
  • Want an alternative to working as an employee, but unclear about your own business concept. 
  • Are not ready to create your own business from scratch but eager to get started with something you can build on while gaining clarity 
  • Desire to do something for yourself but not necessarily by yourself
  • Are pursuing a business that hasn't gotten traction and realize that something more needs to happen
  • Want to develop and/or increase your network and income sources—
  • Could use additional income as a buffer while you get started 
  • Desire different revenue streams in addition to your primary business idea

Upcoming Workshops

"Making Change: How to Move Forward During Confusing Times" workshops are scheduled on a rolling basis per demand, sign up below!

We face many challenges throughout our lives. Increasing our income and creating fulfilling work is one of those challenges that if successfully managed, can significantly improve our quality of life. Transitioning from not having enough and feeling stuck to thriving financially and feeling purposeful is something most of us desire.

Making Change: How to Move Forward During Confusing Times is an introduction to basic concepts and strategies to help you manage the change you are seeking. Whether you want to start a business from scratch or unsure of what exactly you want to do, the information shared will help you understand what you need to do to start making change.

During this live presentation you will be encouraged to develop more awareness around the following to better assess where you are currently, and what might be your next steps:

  • The missing piece that's needed to change your situation
  • What's your reason and why having one is a must 
  • Which of the 4 ways to make money works best for you now
  • The secret that most people don't get that's essential to navigating change

What We Do

The Change Program consists of four components: Starting with the change workshop, which has free standing value, you have the option to then continue to the workshop series, followed by the option to continue to the project- learning section where we integrate and apply the material presented so you can “get ready." Our fourth component provides on-going activities for support, collaboration and opportunities to earn while you learn.

Change Workshop

This initial 90-minute virtual session is an introduction to basic change concepts and strategies. The presentation helps you understand what you need to consider to effectively navigate transitions and start making the kind of change you desire and is a prerequisite for our other offerings.

Workshop Series

This 12- hour virtual series provides the fundamentals needed to understand what is required so you can make an informed decision as to where to focus moving forward. The general content emphasizes what you need to know and do to be able to get some traction and move your product or service.  Special emphasis is on personal development and mindset, understanding networks and net worth (marketing and money basics) and the importance of temporary systems. 

Project-based/ Applied Learning

Upon completion of the workshop and series, you will be guided through a process to utilize and apply what has been introduced to real projects. As, you immerse yourself into six-weeks of daily and weekly activities designed to work around your life and support you in moving forward, you will be expected to participate in weekly webinars, workshops, individual/group coaching, and mindset/ inspiration sessions. The emphasis of this program includes:

  • Personal Clarity: Vision, Mission & Strategic Objectives
  • Temporary System & Income Streams
  • Business Strategy & Marketing Planning
  • Team, Relationship & Network Building

On-going Coaching & Support

We understand that moving forward is about you—your own timing, your own way.  Change is about people, not necessarily about the confines of our program.  That’s why we’re offering continued on-going support after the project-based learning component.  You are welcome to participate in our coaching and innovative activities, as you need, to keep moving forward.